Transformative change, sustainable results

Combination of coaching and training

For faster and deeper results, I combine coaching with ‘mental fitness’ training through the app-based program from Positive Intelligence.

It takes practice to lessen the grip of perfectionism, procrastination, ‘always working’ and other habitual patterns that frustrate academics. Where coaching unlocks insight and possibility, training has you practise intercepting such patterns and accessing your most resourced states of being – several times a day. 

The body as resource

Structured and unstructured explorations of movement, posture and physical sensation allow us to harness information and wisdom from the whole of you.

Our bodies hold the key to moving forward with integrity and joy. This is underexplored territory for many academics. Simply by virtue of having a body, you have an amazing resource for deepening your self-awareness and enhancing your capacity to meet important moments, relationships, and challenges in life.

A different way

I hold strongly to skillful, self-compassionate ways of working with
ourselves as the route to greater wellbeing and sustainable productivity.

This turns on its head the assumption that it’s always more discipline, more effort and more ‘push’ we need to get to where we want to go.  Looking for ease, comfort, humour and pleasure can release energy and creativity you’d forgotten you have. I see this as entirely integral to approaching deeply-held goals with fierce commitment.


About You

What is the question you’ve been sitting with? What’s so important that you are ready to commit, despite not knowing how you’ll get there? What’s the next stage of your journey?

Whether your answers are fully articulated or subtly emerging, I would love to hear where you are at and explore with you how I can help.