Coaching and workshops

Here are the services I currently offer to individuals and departments.

For individuals

1:1 Coaching

In 1:1 coaching we work on your agenda, your next steps. I partner with you in a thought-provoking, creative process that supports your ambitions and potential. Deepen your sense of who you are and what your resources are, and strengthen your capacity to find your own way forward. (Currently accepting new clients.)


Unsure what you need?

Consider booking an exploratory coaching session with me. Have a look at how that works on the coaching page
Or write to me and tell me a little about your situation and the issue or issues you are struggling with.

“Think of all of us as one body, and each of us as a cell in that body, doing its part. Because a cell is both totally and uniquely itself, and it also belongs to the larger body. There are two dynamics that are intertwined: a sense of self, and a sense of belonging.”

For departments

A real and everyday challenge in academic life is how to carry on writing. This practical, experiential workshop is for people who experience blocks or difficulty getting to their writing as well as for those who would enjoy a new impulse for it. You’ll make progress with the writing that’s on your desk and take away personal insights and practices that will facilitate your writing in the future.
This online retreat provides a twist on the classic academic writing retreat, in which people gather in a quiet environment away from the office to focus on their writing. This one is online and allows people to participate from home, balancing privacy and alone time for writing with sharing and being in community. By using embodiment techniques to create more comfort and choice around the writing, we hold a double focus on caring for the writing and caring for one’s whole self.
This workshop provides a guided inquiry for researchers to explore core continuities and possibilities for reinvention that are available in their work. This is a bit like working the soil so the plants in the garden can grow and flourish! Touching in with that deeper layer that informs, anchors and inspires your research can bring new clarity about – for example – how to move forward with the article you’re currently working on, how to proceed with that idea that’s been in the back of your mind, or how to set out your aims in that project proposal or grant application

Photo by Mella Köjs, Uppsala University

Customized workshops

Here are recent examples of customized workshops I’ve been commissioned to design:

Please contact me to discuss your needs, or if you have an idea you’d like to explore.