Inspired paths in and beyond academia

Coaching & workshops for staying in connection and moving forward with integrity and joy.

Fascination, and a love for the connectedness we feel when teaching and learning, underlies many a path into academia.

If only we could keep finding our way back to that in the rough and tumble of growing up and growing wise in academic careers.

But this is not easy. “How, and why, does academic culture discourage us from living connected lives?” asks Parker Palmer in The Courage to Teach. In the process of finding our way as researchers, writers, teachers and leaders, pervasive evaluation and comparison activate our habits for self-protection. 

Maybe you’re tightening in perfectionism. Perhaps you pretend that you no longer care. Maybe you lose yourself in busyness. Maybe you disown parts of your work, your interests, your self. 

You may not even notice what you do, until you’re getting the message that it’s time to reassess. That message may come from those around you, from your body, from not getting the results you’d hoped to get.

If you’re not willing to shrug your shoulders and say ‘well that’s academia for you’: welcome. Welcome to treating your life in and beyond academia as an arena for growth and leadership. This is the alchemy of an inspired path.

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How Can I Help?

Below are some examples of what people have accomplished with the support of my coaching or workshops.

A book manuscript that had received critical reviews was reworked and found a better publisher.

This is about re-emerging from setbacks with greater clarity and insistence on what really matters.

A leadership role that was obtained after facing inner resistance and doubt, and through developing an authentic personal vision.

This is is about tapping inner resources and growing new capacities to become the person you need to be to rise to the challenge.


Things falling into place  by exchanging an old sense of not being a ‘proper sociologist’ for a more interdisciplinary identity.

This is about coming home to yourself as the basis for serving others. 

Article revisions that were successfully finished while their author also found her way back to the poetry-writing she used to enjoy.

This is about recognizing your creativity, and accessing both power and joy in your writing.