Inspired paths in and beyond academia

There are so many ways to be an academic…

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“Ended up with so much transformation and excitement for the future” (full professor)


“Wind in my back to finish my PhD” (postdoctoral researcher)

“Like a touchstone of deep calmness and empowerment to return to” (senior lecturer)

I’m Catelijne and there are few things more inspiring to me than seeing, and helping, other academics find more power, flow and personal satisfaction in their work.

Academia is an environment full of possibilities and room for creativity. Yet a host of factors – demanding workloads, changing goalposts, job insecurity, fierce competition, repeated rejections and criticism (the list goes on) – can wear us down and cramp our style. From a position of feeling small, stifled, harried or fraudulent, it is not possible to do one’s best work.


So it is essential to develop an empowered relationship with institutional academia.


The kind that allows you to:

  • Apply for jobs, promotions, grants or leadership roles with more confidence
  • Regain your motivation for writing after criticism or rejection
  • Teach with greater authenticity, in greater service to students
  • Develop a more enjoyable approach to research and writing
  • Recalibrate your commitments and schedule

This can take as many forms as there are academics! I would be delighted to support you in a process of personal inquiry, experimentation and action to help develop yours.