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Mental Fitness foundations

Why can’t I just let go of trying to make it perfect?

Why can’t I just stop procrastinating and get on with what I need to do?

Why can’t I just stick with what I’ve started?

Why can’t I just ‘live a little’?

If one or more of these are well-worn frustrations, I greet you. Perfectionism, avoidance, restlessness and overachieving are common among academics. They are part of a suite of automatic habits of mind humans develop to cope with stressful situations.

If left unchecked they can be a big drain of energy, compromising your health and well-being, productivity and effectiveness, and happiness. And expectations that these habits are easy to break – just let go! just do it! just stick it out! just give yourself a break! – add shame to what is already hurting you. 

A powerful way out of this spiral is to learn to work skillfully with your most self-sabotage patterns: noticing them, intercepting them, and switching to a more resourceful, expansive, choiceful state of being.

This will allow you to face messy circumstances more readily, and be more okay with finding yourself off balance. It will lessen feelings of
fraudulence and imposter syndrome. It will increase your ability to bounce back from mistakes, failure or rejection.

Six weeks of intensive practice through the app-based program from Positive Intelligence, combined with three coaching sessions with me, will set you up to engage recurrent challenges and pitfalls with greater self-leadership and less stress. With noticeable impact and results.

“I wish I knew about and had access to Positive Intelligence just a year or two ago: it may have saved some of my relationships, which I thought were beyond repair then. The program lifted the tint of my lens of the world, and brought vibrance and colour into all areas of my life amidst challenging times. I am excited about who I have become, and even more about who I can become.”
Engineering Specialist

How it works

This 6-week engagement bundles my coaching with the app-based Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness (PQ) program by Stanford lecturer/senior coach Shirzad Chamine. 
An app can do what a coach can’t: prompt you several times a day to pause and take charge of what you are doing and where your attention goes. The PQ program distils practices from old wisdom traditions and insights from fields such as neuroscience, positive psychology and performance science, into a step-by-step training that is powerful and compatible with busy lifestyles.

A coach can do what an app can’t: see you. I will be by your side for all that you discover and encounter in the course of this program. I will help you deepen your insights and refine your commitment to actions and ways of being that are freeing, positive and powerful.

What it includes

Access to everything included in the 6-week Positive Intelligence mental fitness program – exactly as you see it described here.

  • weekly 1-hour video sessions
  • personalized companion app to guide daily practice for boosting the 3 core muscles of mental fitness
  • pdf of first 8 chapters of Shirzad Chamine’s book Positive Intelligence
  • cohort community to share your experience with others
  • upon completion, continuing access to this content for a year without extra costs

3 coaching sessions with me of 1 hour each, to support your personal process and deepen the insights and results you’re getting from your PQ practice.

weekly check-ins and encouragement from me via email.

Get in touch to find out about costs and start dates, and to ask any questions you may have