Writing as Embodied Practice

The big sister of the ‘Carrying on with your writing’ workshop, this course accompanies your daily (or near-daily) work on a writing project: an article, book chapter, thesis/dissertation, book proposal, etc.


It helps you to access power and energy for your writing in a self-compassionate and individually-tuned way, and to cultivate versatility in how you write and how you approach writing.


The course consists of:


6 weekly 75-minute Zoom calls on Fridays (choose from two possible timings: 11am CET and 5pm CET)

  1. introduction and start of Earth week – slowness, steadiness, consistency
  2. debrief and transition to Water week – fluidity, receptivity, flexibility, relationality
  3. debrief and transition to Fire week – heat/drive, expressiveness, focus, clarity
  4. debrief and transition to Air week – spaciousness, lightness, playfulness, humour
  5. debrief and transition to self-guided practice, followed by 3 weeks of self-guided practice
  6. check-in and closing

1 individual coaching session of 1 hr focused on your writing

daily emails during Earth, Water, Fire and Air week to support your practice, delivered to your inbox from Monday to Friday each week

For enquiries or expressions of interest, or to ask about start dates, please contact me.