The Fake Trade, Part 1

“Dispatches: The Fake Trade.” 2008. Two-part documentary made for Channel 4 (UK), written and directed by Nick Hornby

This is a film about a criminal industry that's sweeping the world.

"Imagine that you've got counterfeit mineral, water, counterfeit apple. We found that! We found counterfeit medicines in the pharmacy."

It's the story of the brands we think we can't live out... and demand gone wild for their copies.

"Have a look at the bag on the floor, that's a fake bag. And the quality is good, the leather is good, so... Yeah, I think it's a very good quality... knockoff."

How China became the superpower where everything is made... and everything is faked.

"Sometimes it goes to Europe, or the United States. It all depends on the market. If there's a market the goods will go there."

Capitalism is growing out of control. Welcome to the counterfeiters' century.